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by @LisaRedShoesPR (Lisa Cruz) and @tommytrc (Tommy)

“Lisa and Tommy discuss the talk of the town, Adam Lambert and his outrageous American Music Awards performance. Like it or loathe it, it got people talking. It should be duly noted that no real swear words were used during the taping of this video. Have a comment? #redshoesspeaks ”

Open letter to the team at Red Shoes PR

2009 has been quite a year for me and my family. One that will be hard to top. But, looking back, I have to ask: Why do we live in a society where people spend so much time writing letters telling people when they do things wrong, but never enough time writing when things are going right?

As 2009 comes to a close I feel compelled to complete the circle on a few things. Sending thank you notes has been one of my goals for 2009, and I feel that I have a pretty good job. Many times it’s hard to remember, but it’s the small things that count! However, in one specific situation, a simple written card just would not do justice.

Let me explain….

Back in February I went to my first “tweetup.” I had no idea what this would be like. Would it be a fun event or a load of guys doing nothing but dinking on their tech toys? Well, it was a bit of both. Picture this…here we are at the food court of the local mall. Just like a money drop in a kidnapping, we picked a public spot, just in case things got bad. We had 3 -4 tables pushed together in the center; ten to twelve males and three lone females in attendance. The sexes were divided like Moses parting the Red Sea- guys on one end of the table with the ladies on the other. The awkwardness of a 7th grade dance. I had been following most of them on twitter, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into… I had never met any of them “IRL” (in real life).

This is where I had my opportunity of meeting the great ladies from Red Shoes PR. Lisa, her son Manny, Karen, and Maria were all there. I think Manny was brought to provide protection just in case things got ugly 🙂 So, that’s where it all started.

Fast forward a few months… May 22nd was a big day in the life and times of the Tommy household. It started off like any other day…you know, a trip to the local hospital to give birth to our son. A few pictures, a few tweets, and an IV drip and we were off to the races. With all the attention on mom, dad needed something to keep himself busy and out of her hair. So twitter was it. Keeping everyone up to speed was my new job. Soon tweets started coming in from the 4 corners of the globe. Needless to say the gals at Red Shoes had their ears to the railroad tracks. One thing leads to another and soon I was getting messages from a local TV reporter at WFRV saying they were coming down to do a story?

Coming to do a story? What’s happening here?!?!?!

You all lived it so I don’t need to rehash…

What I do need to do is express my deepest thank you for the love and faith you have put in me and my family. What started out as a lark certainly has turned out to be no joke! The term social media has no greater meaning than in my own life experiences. The ability spread your wings and fly is exactly what has and continues to happen. To date, my sweetheart has always been my biggest fan and cheerleader, but I now have some new faces in my cheering section… and I love it. You gave me a chance… and chance to stretch and do something I have never done before. I was given the chance to speak in front of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce which has blossomed into other speaking gigs and workshops.

2009 has turned out to be such a whirlwind year. Many companies that were pillars in their respective industries have crumbled to the ground and small business like you have flourished and continue solid growth. Red Shoes certainly didn’t get any bailouts or freebees to get along, your hard work and dedication did the trick. Just a great team of ladies…working a little, laughing a little and giving your clients exactly what they ask for… exceptional service.

This secret sauce is one that needs to be captured and bottled. I bet others would pay top dollar for this secret to success!

So to the ladies of Red Shoes PR… THANK YOU! My life has forever changed. I have a new son, I’ve honed some new talents but most of all, I have some amazing new friends who will be in my life forever. Can it get any better than that? No it cannot!!!

– Tommy!


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I’ve interviewed Tommy a month, or two ago but hadn’t sat down to add this (something about him).

How everything goes on Twitter; one follows people, retweets, gives input and/or communicates. Tommy follows everyone, and communicates with all. He’s amazing to say the least.

He is an awesome person; an auxiliary, and influencer, a family man, a friend, and last but not least an all-in-all Tech-go-to-guy!

Tommy has influenced so many, I’ve seen (even me). He’s too humble to say anything but I see. Anyone that follows Tommy will be able to notice.

He’s ALL that—really!

I wish there were more people like Tommy, especially near me. An absolutely genuine person which I’m glad he calls me a friend.

Tommy is not only loved by many; myself included but he’s also blessed! I not only love Tommy’s friendship but I love his family as well.

Yes; Thomas R. Clifford Jr. as known as @TommyTRC (Tommy or Sparky) is a Social Media Rock Star!

What makes you so great?

I really don’t see myself as all that great. I’m just a regular guy trying my hardest to treat others the way I would like to be treated. Nothing more; nothing less. My father has to be my greatest role model. He always took the best care of people…from learning names, to saying thank you to never complaining. He was a great tipper. This really tells a lot about him, and how he treated people. I love to leave big tips. Taking care of others was one thing instilled by my parents at an early age. Service is a big part of my life. Giving back is so important. So in a nutshell, my parents and family make me great. W/o them, I’m nothing.

What gives you the patience and motivation to go on?

My faith, my family, and the knowledge; I’m here to make a difference. I’m very patient by nature and I have faith in people. When people tell me one thing, I have trust in them.

What/who is your influence?

My Kids…

Who’s played the most influential part in your life?

MY Earthly Father as well as my Heavenly Father!

What do you want to be remembered for?

My love of life!

What’s the best thing that has happened to you since you’ve been on Twitter?

Well up to a few weeks ago I would say my job at HC Miller, but that’s kinda on hold for the moment so my new answer is all my new friends I have met via twitter. It’s amazing how I have connected to my community in Appleton and surrounding areas all due to a silly social media tool called twitter. I am so blessed by the people I have met. 100% amazing!
**Tommy continues his work at HC Miller.

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