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“Gossip is a form of Bullying…Don’t be a Gossip Girl” ~ @LEXXISAAL


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Several weeks back as I checked my unfollowers through whounfollowedme.com, I noticed someone who I was following and also was following… unfollowed. I remember when we started following it was because of “Toni-On-New York” (TV show). Anyway, I don’t usually do this with unfollowers (mostly because I don’t care, it’s only Twitter) but I just had to tweet the guy. Simply saying that he unfollowed, and thanking him (sarcastically of course). He then later or the next day tweets me back saying, “Oh it must have been one of your non-English tweets.”
[Note: If one of my tweets was non-English, it must have been a re-tweet because I don’t tweet in Spanish. The only time I do, is when I’m tweeting someone directly—or when I decide to say “Hello” in 2, 3, or 4 languages.]

This is not at all shocking to me nor new. I have always spoken to everybody/everyone. People don’t realize at first that I speak Spanish.
When I’m in a group, and someone else starts speaking Spanish I continue
speaking English as a courtesy for the others (one good thing I can say about myself, is that I definitely am not selfish—as I think about others always). However, someone else sees/hears me speak Spanish, and I automatically sense that they get a little annoyed.

Back when I was in beauty school which classes started every month, I
started with approximately 75% Americans. The following month—this one specific woman started, and since I make everyone welcome and comfortable in any surrounding I became friends.
My lunch group was the same but once they heard me speaking Spanish to this woman, they were—like jealous. They did not want me to speak Spanish.
Well to make a long story short—by the end of the 18 month course, there were approximately 6 less students which either transferred to another school or simply dropped out.

In reference to the guy on Twitter, I cannot really understand it because he’s involved in Social Media (his Ad was in the Blog World 2011 website). He’s also a dad. As influential as he *might* be to the social media world, it just doesn’t make sense.

Again, is this racist? In his case, especially that he said he stopped following because of a non-English tweet—I think it is racist—
1 – Because he’s from the East Coast, near me… and
2 – Because I *see* this a lot around in my neck of the woods.

I discussed this with my sister, and she had a good point. Another question—
Is it possible this person was influenced by the environment in which he grew?

If one uses TweetDeck as I do, one is able to translate most foreign tweets.
I, Isabel (@TypeRtist), am a Spanish speaker, but speak/write mostly in English. I understand (somewhat) Portuguese, and with the help of TweetDeck translate (or Google) will occasionally say hello in French, Dutch, Italian, etc..
Twitter is international, so it’s obvious there are going to be thousands of foreign tweets. A lot of people I correspond with directly in their own tongue also tweet in English.

So isn’t being friendly a part of Social Media? How is one “Social” without “friendliness?”

© 7/18/2011 by Isabel C. Alvarez

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I just LOVE this, BUT—

Can you work with a co-worker like this next to you?

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The video you are about to see has nothing to do with ‘The Lion King’, but
I titled it this way because this is what comes to mind. No worries.

In Europe people are more apt to just be spontaneous, and laid back. There
is a lot of tension here in the United States. Granted this is a planned performance, but I can imagine that one day people could let go of their inhibition and put on something like this all on their own, without expecting everyone to join in.

I love this video! It brings a smile to my face every time I watch. Notice this
is a Train Station, and everyone seems to be heading somewhere. If either to work, or school… it doesn’t matter. People STOP, listen, and participate. This video says something…
~However your stress level, one needs to STOP and enjoy life with others.

~Isn’t there a saying stating: “Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like no one is listening, and LIVE like it’s heaven on earth.” -William Purkey

~Also notice how & who starts… then everyone follows until it’s the entire Belgium Train Station. AWESOME!!

Now in this economy it’s really hard to empty your mind of all the worries, and relax. That’s why we have this video… it makes everyone want to dance, and smile.

~When you SMILE awhile every ONE SMILES!

© 2009 Isabel Cristina Alvarez

The Sound of Music – Julie Andrews


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Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale (Promo Video – Please Donate) from Shawn Seifert on Vimeo.

To Donate:  indiegogo.com/​Jake-Jasper-A-Ferret-Tale

“Please help make this dream a reality. On the right, you will see different levels of donations you can make. Each level has its own unique ‘perk’. We are giving away things like DVD’s, autographed posters, and the chance to have your name listed in the end credits under “Special Thanks” or even ‘Executive Producer’.”
“Can’t afford to donate? That’s okay, I understand. You can still HELP this film out by SHARING this campaign. Please post it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. You never know who might see it and want to lend to hand.” -director Alison Parker

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