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Note:  First of all before I start— let me tell you— I may ramble but who should care; no one. Absolutely no one. Ellen Degeneres rambles all the time. This post may or may not be edited, but it’ll be Awesome. Why? Because it’s my blog, and I don’t give a hoot about criticism! 


I worked at a salon for 14 years on commisson + tips. Salary also, but close to minimum wage (actually less than minimum wage).

The tip I want to write about is “Tips” / “Tipping”—

I received as little as change (coins) to as much as $10, $20, or $25 (it may be more, depending on the service).

I treated *everyone* the same, and gave each and everyone of the customers the same great job I did. The job being haircuts, hair-braiding, shampoo, haircoloring, waxing, and last but not least—nails.

In todays time, I see people working a little bit harder for those people that tip them the most. That, to me, is terrible— especially in this economy. And, in the area I am living in.

I would say the difference between ‘those people’ and I— is that I truly loved my job as a cosmetologist (salon worker). I was passionate about my work.

Taking care of *whoever* walked through the salon’s front door was a blessing.

One salon operator in specific gave a disgusted look when she saw a customer that tipped very little— come in to the salon.  Do you think this operator was busy? No.

I; however, was always booked. To make an appointment with me, a customer had to make it in advance.

Who wins? The nice, the courteous, the patient, the caring, and the passionate! 

*When one is doing well, and can tip 20% or more— do it. You’re helping the economy.

Though, when poverty hits and you no longer can tip that 20% you were once use to— tip whatever you can. Those that cannot tip extravagantly don’t go to high-end places anyway.


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