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“For the first installment of Lisa & Tommy, they talk about the SEC and WIAA and their policy blocking social media and live-blogging activities and sporting events. Should the governing body of an athletic association be able to say who takes pictures and what info is posted from the venue?”

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For over a year and a half I’ve been unable to work due to a disability, and therefore have been without any income.  It sure has been tough.  Besides going to the NEAF (Northeastern Astronomy Forum)  with my friend (thank goodness for her that she was  able to take me), I’m kind-of sort-of living a reclusive life, a side effect, I believe, of living with my particular disability.  I haven’t even had my hair touched up.  I could live fine without a lot of things, but I do like to keep up with my red hair.  It just makes me feel  a little better…on the inside.  My near constant excruciating back pain can be showing through my eyes, but for some reason if my hair is done… the overall persona looks great–even if only in my eyes and no one else’s. This is something that I do for myself.

So, my summer has been mainly spent keeping homebound, watching movies, TV shows, and reading books and magazines.  Twitter has been a FABULOUS PLUS!  Besides the several Smallville fans that I have met/chatted with on there, this summer I’ve met another friend (as honest & real as they come).   That friend is @Tommytrc .  I had started a Formspring.me (http://www.formspring.me/typertist) account, and I was immediately hooked to it.  I asked Tommy a lot of questions (I’m sure he can attest to this!) and he answered nearly all of them.  What a great sport!  Along with meeting/chatting with Tommy online, I’ve also met (meaning online) many other wonderful people such as:  @mmangen @tvorse @OhDaddy @WebGrrrrl @2sonsup @AmyStark @LisaRedShoesPR  @inklesstales @JessDennis  @VAinParadise

Oh, and more which are now following:  @JeffLast @alisonjns @PatrickCasey

@saraljeffers @nikkivoelzke @AFiebig @ShadowHart , etc.

Last but not least, worthy of particular note, is @harrisonloveall … An awesome guy to follow!

©Isabel (@TypeRtist) 2010


Asked on Twitter:  How was your Summer, or how is it going so far? 

RT @tommytrc:  summer was splendid. Seemed to go fast, but its not over yet… Lots of rain and lots of family time!!!!

RT @OhDaddy:  Summer is going by too quickly…

RT @WebGrrrrl:  FAB summer—Learned tons, met some great new people, had fun with friends & family—wish it weren’t nearly over!

RT @tvorse:  my summer is going good underwater but full of new friends!!

RT @Mikefalco:  Well I got to NYC,to vancouver and saw sv shootings so I think my summer it’s been aweeeeesome!

RT @PoisondRedApple:  my summer was great! I had to work a lot but I was still able to take a break from school. 🙂

RT @harrisonloveall:  It’s been amazing! The experiences I’ve had have been worth every single penny. Where is your blog now? I’m only seeing Kelsey’s!

RT @jaycee419:  Summer of 2010 was a learning experience for me. Also uncomfortably hot.

RT @athena606:  lk the word twitter? Lol cause it’s been awesome! Highlight going to #SDCC & hanging w/ so many of my lovely tweeps *hugs them*

RT @shedmonds:  All good, but zipping by too fast!  –been on 2 little holidays, catching up with friends and family and just starting an Interior Design course from home 🙂

RT @enidgisella:  Good. It was a busy summer for me at work so my Twitter time was kind of limited 😦 But enjoyed every moment!! 😀

RT @MartyMcPadden:  My summer started with a Disney trip and will end with my brother’s wedding. Now that’s what I call a nice pair of bookends. 🙂

RT @Lia_Lane:  Summer crawling by uneventful for me but thanks to twitter I can still keep in touch with my friends & beloved show, Smallville

RT @Secoh2000: It’s been enlightening (art wise), depressing and humbling (life wise) and beautiful (as summers always are)

RT @Melissaclse:  thank you!!!!!! that’s really nice of you! My summer has been AWESOME, how about you? *big hugs*  – about my summer, I had a lot of fun, met new people and a lot of  things made me happy! it was one of the best summers of my life. 🙂

“So many people didn’t make it” ~ @tommytrc


Go see for yourself — http://www.foxcitiesmagazine.com

Why. . .Just Is!

I sometimes get asked (or not) why I usually sign off on correspondence with friends, with “Just Is,” so I figured it’s time to explain how and why that signature came about…

Just Is!

Yep. My name is… Is. Just Is™, that is.

This all came about when I was attending school at Gibbs College. In the evenings while studying and reviewing my assignments, I would often e-mail my friend, Cathy.

As usual, when writing a letter, a note, or an e-mail one ends their letter/note with a closing such as sincerely, fondly, or by saying love, _?_.
I would always close simply as…
Love, Is… The “Is” of course, was short for Isabel.
Cathy said it sounded like the “two little naked kids.” I asked for clarification on what two little naked kids (I had forgotten). She elaborated that they were the cartoon naked kids that were printed in the comic section of the Newspaper. The comics would often read, for example: “Love is…” , followed by different phrases, such as “sharing your ice-cream.” After that, I felt like the closing “Love Is,” just begged for added phrase, so I then took to writing ‘Love, “Just Is™” ‘ when closing a letter, note, or e-mail.

And that’s how it all started.

©2009 Isabel Cristina Alvarez  aka Just Is™

Holy Dizziness! Holy Crap! LOL…

You might be best friends one year,

pretty good friends the next year,

don’t talk that often the next year,

and don’t want to talk at all the year after that.

So, I just wanted to say,

even if I never talk to you again in my life,

you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life,

I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.


Let old friends know you haven’t forgotten them,

and tell new friends you never will.

Remember, everyone needs a friend,

someday you might feel like you have no friends at all,

just remember this…

and take comfort in knowing

somebody out there cares about you and always will.

I love you… and don’t need any other reason than to… just love.

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