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Thursday; May 22nd with Guest @tommytrc 

Topic:  “Video Blogging.” at 10pmET

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Q1)    Why did you start vlogging?

 A1 I saw the power of social media when the video of the birth of my son went vital bit.ly/1lYVWcr

A1 I knew the power of video and wanted to leave a legacy for my 3 oldest kids from my 1st marriage.

Q2)    Where do you find your vlog Inspiration?

  A2 My inspiration comes from life lessons all around me, people, places and things. Theses always teachable moments.

A2 And since I only see my kids on a limited basis, Dad can teach them wherever I am. I know they don’t watch today, but someday.

Q3)    What kind of camera do I use to create a vlog?

   A3 I use my iPhone 5S. The BEST camera is the one you have readily accessible. I use the front facing camera – shooting’s a snap.

A3 Here’s a pin board I made of all my logging gear

Q4)    What’s the advantage of vlogging (video blogging) vs just blogging?

  A4 A picture is worth 1000 words, a video is 24 pictures per second 🙂 I want my kids to hear it from their Dads mouth.

A4 It’s all about teaching moments, and vlog’s come easier to me than straight typing.

Q5)    What’s your policy for handling comments from your vlogs?

   A5 I try to answer each and every comment, or at least acknowledge it. It’s a personal touch, but it’s all about engagement.

A5 I do not get loads of comments, but I’m passionate about giving each one a little love 🙂

@Mediachat : YES RT : Commenting is so important for engagement!

    its not about you, its about your audience!!

Q6)    What about negative comments?

  A6 EW!!! Negative comments are comments that need attention also.

A6 I try to follow with those first. Negative comments can turn nasty quick!

Q7)    What editing software do you find easiest to use when creating your vlog?

  A7 I’m a Mac guy at heart and I just love iMovie. Dead simple and free with each new Mac.

A7 Easy to add titles, transitions and merge pictures to the video. As well as upload.

Google free video editing tools. You’ll find a bunch.

Q8)    What services do you prefer to upload your vlogs to?

  A8 I prefer Youtube. It’s dead easy, integrated in iMovie and free-fifty-free!    What more can you ask for?

A8 and you can make money if you are a huge hit like  .

Q9)    What about sound quality?

  A9 good question -The sound quality of the iPhone is pretty amazing. I have tried a few low end external mics, none are good.

A9 There are some pretty good sound controls in iMovie to help eliminate background noise too.

Q10)   How many vlogs have you done?

  >  Apple puts a lot of  love and care into their mics on the iPhones. Increasing getting better each model.

WOW #10 already A10 I have well over 600 video logs to date, dating back in March 2008.

  > @shiorimine  You can get a joby gorilla pod dirt cheap!


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asktommy – http://www.formspring.me/asktommy

It’s #TommysStolenIPhone –What did you want to tell me friend? I miss you!

You are pure evil!

I’ve been corrupted! Darn thief! If it’s meant to be. . .until we meet again. (((hugs))) – #TommysStolenIPhone


Oops missed the ‘K’ |Do YOU want to find out WHO this is? If so, U have 3 tries…GO! If ONE of the names is correct, I’ll check *smile*…& leave a comment (on Sunday). Deal!? -TommysStolenIPhone Or…Do YOU want to continue with the Fun, not EVER knowing?

No its perfectly ok to be anon..more fun that way!

I saw your Twitter handle over here in Chicago, did you write it? If not, it may have been me. -TommysStolenIPhone

Rat Bastard!

I still ❤ YOU!! -TommysStolenIPhone


I’m near this street. You want to see me? Lets meet: http://chicagoist.com/attachments/chicagoist_chuck/2012_2_20_31st_parnell.jpg   -TommysStolenIPhone

No thank you, you have been replaced!

How could you be so hurtful? – #TommysStoleniPhone


You’re nice and cool in your office, and I’m sweltering in this heat. Hope you’re happy! #TommysStoleniPhone4

I’m sorry I’m not in my office today. I’m sweltering at the LPGA. Im sorry your new owner does not have A/C. That stinks. You should never have left me.

I remember the time you went to Idaho. You might not of had me, but I sure was a thought in your mind. 🙂 Remember? – #TommysStoleniPhone

You rat bastard. You will be caught and punished for your Torments!

Glad your happy buddy, partying it up. I’m here smell’in the booze my new owner consumes. I prefer diet cokes. That’s what you were drinking today, right? Did you have Dew? – #TommysStoleniPhone

I hate you so much, please go away!

I’m right near Giordano’s. Did you see the kid-thief? He’s always on the run, that one! #TommysStoleniPhone

I hate you so much!

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know when I’m dead. I’m getting old my friend, my memory is going. I’ve been more than abused. Another will be born soon in Sept.. I’m sure you’ll have a new young model, right? 🙂 #TommysStoleniPhone

I hate you!

HELLO Back!!! I’m always out there in the streets of Chicago. You just don’t want to find me. 😦 Do you? #TommysStoleniPhone

You are a jerk. Please stop taunting me!

And your home without me again. Don’t you want to find me? We were so close. #TommysStoleniPhone

Please stop calling me, I MUST move on and can not while you taunt and harass me.

You miss me or you hate me? Well I miss you (((hugs))) #TommysStoleniPhone

I have moved on…





Or will this continue while the iPhone 4 still lives on? Stay Tuned or Follow @TommysiPhone4 and its former owner @TommyTRC  !

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