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Thursday; May 22nd with Guest @tommytrc 

Topic:  “Video Blogging.” at 10pmET

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Q1)    Why did you start vlogging?

 A1 I saw the power of social media when the video of the birth of my son went vital bit.ly/1lYVWcr

A1 I knew the power of video and wanted to leave a legacy for my 3 oldest kids from my 1st marriage.

Q2)    Where do you find your vlog Inspiration?

  A2 My inspiration comes from life lessons all around me, people, places and things. Theses always teachable moments.

A2 And since I only see my kids on a limited basis, Dad can teach them wherever I am. I know they don’t watch today, but someday.

Q3)    What kind of camera do I use to create a vlog?

   A3 I use my iPhone 5S. The BEST camera is the one you have readily accessible. I use the front facing camera – shooting’s a snap.

A3 Here’s a pin board I made of all my logging gear

Q4)    What’s the advantage of vlogging (video blogging) vs just blogging?

  A4 A picture is worth 1000 words, a video is 24 pictures per second 🙂 I want my kids to hear it from their Dads mouth.

A4 It’s all about teaching moments, and vlog’s come easier to me than straight typing.

Q5)    What’s your policy for handling comments from your vlogs?

   A5 I try to answer each and every comment, or at least acknowledge it. It’s a personal touch, but it’s all about engagement.

A5 I do not get loads of comments, but I’m passionate about giving each one a little love 🙂

@Mediachat : YES RT : Commenting is so important for engagement!

    its not about you, its about your audience!!

Q6)    What about negative comments?

  A6 EW!!! Negative comments are comments that need attention also.

A6 I try to follow with those first. Negative comments can turn nasty quick!

Q7)    What editing software do you find easiest to use when creating your vlog?

  A7 I’m a Mac guy at heart and I just love iMovie. Dead simple and free with each new Mac.

A7 Easy to add titles, transitions and merge pictures to the video. As well as upload.

Google free video editing tools. You’ll find a bunch.

Q8)    What services do you prefer to upload your vlogs to?

  A8 I prefer Youtube. It’s dead easy, integrated in iMovie and free-fifty-free!    What more can you ask for?

A8 and you can make money if you are a huge hit like  .

Q9)    What about sound quality?

  A9 good question -The sound quality of the iPhone is pretty amazing. I have tried a few low end external mics, none are good.

A9 There are some pretty good sound controls in iMovie to help eliminate background noise too.

Q10)   How many vlogs have you done?

  >  Apple puts a lot of  love and care into their mics on the iPhones. Increasing getting better each model.

WOW #10 already A10 I have well over 600 video logs to date, dating back in March 2008.

  > @shiorimine  You can get a joby gorilla pod dirt cheap!


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1- Things I’ve learned (picked-up), on Twitter:

  • If you want to start a conversation with someone, tweet it (text it, email it, etc) in a question form.
  • When anyone/friends want to hear from you, they’ll tweet ya (contact you).

2- I’m not well. At times I have excruciating back/nerve pain, mostly due to Tarlov Cyst disease. My situation in being on disability, having all my furniture/belongings in a storage facility, living temporarily with my mom in her small one-bedroom apt., and helping/caring for her— has put me in a dismal state.

I’m on my 2nd week of Zoloft (antidepressants), and already thinking— I may need a stronger dose.

I was told about:  “every relationship evolves.” Those two Bold words, depressed the heck-out-me. More so—who I heard it from. I just had to research.

“The relationship evolves and either grows closer or further apart.” This had me thinking & sad-as-hell. This friend knows about my pain, and knows what I’m taking for depression. Why was I told this? To hear the truth? Well, it’s true—the Truth Hurts!

Have you ever wondered, if others knew the real You, they would not be interested in You?

(me) 3 things to remember for a friendship relationship:

  • Loyalty/Caring
  • Listening
  • Trust

Humpty Dumpty once said, “I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure you are aware that what you heard is what I meant.” (Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll)

Source:  http://70030.netministry.com/apps/articles/?articleid=32538&columnid=3844

“A World Happiness Database study found that people with close friendships are happier.”

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friendship#cite_note-2

I feel, the only thing I did to be ‘Liked’ is ReTweet/Share, and Help.

This friend loves to make people happy. How come I feel worse? TIME HEALS. I’ll be okay. 🙂    

Note: I have a back illness, and I’m taking antidepressants due to so much. Be careful what you say to someone dealing with depression and be thoughtful, understanding, & caring. If you’re a friend, just be one!

Do Friends REALLY care?  Some do Not!

*Thinking* Are my conversations good enough? Are my interest? Am I good enough? 

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.  -Unknown

Thank you for listening!

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For over a year and a half I’ve been unable to work due to a disability, and therefore have been without any income.  It sure has been tough.  Besides going to the NEAF (Northeastern Astronomy Forum)  with my friend (thank goodness for her that she was  able to take me), I’m kind-of sort-of living a reclusive life, a side effect, I believe, of living with my particular disability.  I haven’t even had my hair touched up.  I could live fine without a lot of things, but I do like to keep up with my red hair.  It just makes me feel  a little better…on the inside.  My near constant excruciating back pain can be showing through my eyes, but for some reason if my hair is done… the overall persona looks great–even if only in my eyes and no one else’s. This is something that I do for myself.

So, my summer has been mainly spent keeping homebound, watching movies, TV shows, and reading books and magazines.  Twitter has been a FABULOUS PLUS!  Besides the several Smallville fans that I have met/chatted with on there, this summer I’ve met another friend (as honest & real as they come).   That friend is @Tommytrc .  I had started a Formspring.me (http://www.formspring.me/typertist) account, and I was immediately hooked to it.  I asked Tommy a lot of questions (I’m sure he can attest to this!) and he answered nearly all of them.  What a great sport!  Along with meeting/chatting with Tommy online, I’ve also met (meaning online) many other wonderful people such as:  @mmangen @tvorse @OhDaddy @WebGrrrrl @2sonsup @AmyStark @LisaRedShoesPR  @inklesstales @JessDennis  @VAinParadise

Oh, and more which are now following:  @JeffLast @alisonjns @PatrickCasey

@saraljeffers @nikkivoelzke @AFiebig @ShadowHart , etc.

Last but not least, worthy of particular note, is @harrisonloveall … An awesome guy to follow!

©Isabel (@TypeRtist) 2010


Asked on Twitter:  How was your Summer, or how is it going so far? 

RT @tommytrc:  summer was splendid. Seemed to go fast, but its not over yet… Lots of rain and lots of family time!!!!

RT @OhDaddy:  Summer is going by too quickly…

RT @WebGrrrrl:  FAB summer—Learned tons, met some great new people, had fun with friends & family—wish it weren’t nearly over!

RT @tvorse:  my summer is going good underwater but full of new friends!!

RT @Mikefalco:  Well I got to NYC,to vancouver and saw sv shootings so I think my summer it’s been aweeeeesome!

RT @PoisondRedApple:  my summer was great! I had to work a lot but I was still able to take a break from school. 🙂

RT @harrisonloveall:  It’s been amazing! The experiences I’ve had have been worth every single penny. Where is your blog now? I’m only seeing Kelsey’s!

RT @jaycee419:  Summer of 2010 was a learning experience for me. Also uncomfortably hot.

RT @athena606:  lk the word twitter? Lol cause it’s been awesome! Highlight going to #SDCC & hanging w/ so many of my lovely tweeps *hugs them*

RT @shedmonds:  All good, but zipping by too fast!  –been on 2 little holidays, catching up with friends and family and just starting an Interior Design course from home 🙂

RT @enidgisella:  Good. It was a busy summer for me at work so my Twitter time was kind of limited 😦 But enjoyed every moment!! 😀

RT @MartyMcPadden:  My summer started with a Disney trip and will end with my brother’s wedding. Now that’s what I call a nice pair of bookends. 🙂

RT @Lia_Lane:  Summer crawling by uneventful for me but thanks to twitter I can still keep in touch with my friends & beloved show, Smallville

RT @Secoh2000: It’s been enlightening (art wise), depressing and humbling (life wise) and beautiful (as summers always are)

RT @Melissaclse:  thank you!!!!!! that’s really nice of you! My summer has been AWESOME, how about you? *big hugs*  – about my summer, I had a lot of fun, met new people and a lot of  things made me happy! it was one of the best summers of my life. 🙂

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Q1 @tommytrc How long did it take you to get to 100K+ followers & what techniques did you use to do so? #SocialChat

A1 I have been on twitter since May 2007, it took me over 4 years to get to 100K #socialchat


A1 decided to follow back everyone who follows me, like a big party. I like to use peoples lists to follow back. #socialchat


@aknecht A1 social media has been fun for me. The real growth started with birth of my son http://youtu.be/Rb3ntwMxB5w


@afmarcom @SocialMichelleR Slow and steady! #SocialChat


@aknecht Everyone uses SM differently… its not a game its a journey! #socialchat 

@DerekTac YES!!!! I some days get followed by hundreds… up to the limit of 1000 a day #socialchat


@tommytrc What advice do you have for people who have a hard time keeping track of people? #SocialChat


@SocialMichelleR LISTS LISTS LISTS!!! That’s the real power of twitter! #socialchat


@JTDabbagian never give up! #socialchat

@tommytrc You master lists, you are 90% there! #socialchat

@tommytrc @adinfini when people engage me, I add them to lists… #socialchat

 @SocialMichelleR Q2 @tommytrc A big issue with getting followers, is follower drop-off. How do you keep growing your follower numbers? #SocialChat

@SocialMichelleR A2 Each month, I unfollow those people who are not following back to keep my ratio almost even. #socialchat


@aknecht twitter is like a HUGE party… I work the room… encourage!#socialchat


@SocialMichelleR A2 Sure people stop following, but thats an exception to the rule #socialchat


@afmarcom I follow back everyone who follows me.. and invite others to follow. If they chose not, thats OK too! #socialchat


nice idea RT @tommytrc: A3 I use other peoples lists for new friends to follow! Lists BABY!!! #socialchat

@aknecht I use http://tweepi.com to see who is not following back#socialchat


@JaredMandel Focus and ADD VALUE!!! #socialchat


@dwendel You need to be personal…personal wins, promotion does not. #socialchat


Build relationships personally to grow professionally!! #socialchat


RT @tommytrc: Build relationships personally to grow professionally!! #socialchat ~live this IRL and on Twitter


@tommytrc But do you ever promote your biz (if you have one) or blog posts (if you write them)? #socialchat


@afmarcom I sure do… a dash of this and a dash of that, but let my followers do the real horn tooting! #socialchat 

The biggest thing to remember is Tommy is exactly the same in person as he is on Twitter. There is no “online persona” #socialchat 

@aknecht @tommytrc I’ve used an Adobe Air app called Social Bro for checking who hasn’t followed me. Pretty good #socialchat


@TheSmarmyBum Socialbro pukes out with 100K followers… no good 😦 #socialchat


@sunaynat I use tweepi to check who un follows, so do I can unfollow back… #socialchat


Q3 @tommytrc How do you effectively manage such a larger following & at the same time follow 135K+ back? #SocialChat


@aknecht A3 My home column looks like a stock ticker – goes by way too fast. #socialchat


@aknecht A3 I use lists! effective list management is the only way to follow the conversation! I never open my home column. #socialchat


@Dino_saura Its ok to unfollow..but thats your own gig. Do what feels good. its refreshing! #socialchat


Q4 @tommytrc which tools have your tired, but stopped using in an attempt manage such a larger follower/following base? #SocialChat


RT @sunaynat@tommytrc @DerekTac #socialchat Twitter helps me be more pithy and erudite 🙂 #socialchat


@JillioDe I average about 100 tweets a day, so very small amount is not really me… to keep conversation going #socialchat


Q5 @tommytrc Where do you see most people or brands going wrong when developing a follower base?#SocialChat


@aknecht A5 People going after quantity vs quality is just wrong. It’s not easy engageing. Its an art. #socialchat


@aknecht A5 People going after quantity vs quality is just wrong. It’s not easy engageing. Its an art. #socialchat


@aknecht A5 people who are good at engagement get more followers. #socialchat

@scottcowley I’m not sure I understand what that means… social proof mass? #socialchat


@afmarcom @tommytrc LOL. Social proof critical mass = people follow you only because they see a bunch of others following you.


@scottcowley sadly relationships and engagement is not science#socialchat

@tommytrc what’s the worst thing someone could do on Twitter?#socialchat 

@Grovo toot their own horn over and over and over… or not be genuine. Transparency is kind #socialchat 

@adinfini I m just myself… 100 texts for a teenager is cake. I just chat with friends #socialchat

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Several weeks back as I checked my unfollowers through whounfollowedme.com, I noticed someone who I was following and also was following… unfollowed. I remember when we started following it was because of “Toni-On-New York” (TV show). Anyway, I don’t usually do this with unfollowers (mostly because I don’t care, it’s only Twitter) but I just had to tweet the guy. Simply saying that he unfollowed, and thanking him (sarcastically of course). He then later or the next day tweets me back saying, “Oh it must have been one of your non-English tweets.”
[Note: If one of my tweets was non-English, it must have been a re-tweet because I don’t tweet in Spanish. The only time I do, is when I’m tweeting someone directly—or when I decide to say “Hello” in 2, 3, or 4 languages.]

This is not at all shocking to me nor new. I have always spoken to everybody/everyone. People don’t realize at first that I speak Spanish.
When I’m in a group, and someone else starts speaking Spanish I continue
speaking English as a courtesy for the others (one good thing I can say about myself, is that I definitely am not selfish—as I think about others always). However, someone else sees/hears me speak Spanish, and I automatically sense that they get a little annoyed.

Back when I was in beauty school which classes started every month, I
started with approximately 75% Americans. The following month—this one specific woman started, and since I make everyone welcome and comfortable in any surrounding I became friends.
My lunch group was the same but once they heard me speaking Spanish to this woman, they were—like jealous. They did not want me to speak Spanish.
Well to make a long story short—by the end of the 18 month course, there were approximately 6 less students which either transferred to another school or simply dropped out.

In reference to the guy on Twitter, I cannot really understand it because he’s involved in Social Media (his Ad was in the Blog World 2011 website). He’s also a dad. As influential as he *might* be to the social media world, it just doesn’t make sense.

Again, is this racist? In his case, especially that he said he stopped following because of a non-English tweet—I think it is racist—
1 – Because he’s from the East Coast, near me… and
2 – Because I *see* this a lot around in my neck of the woods.

I discussed this with my sister, and she had a good point. Another question—
Is it possible this person was influenced by the environment in which he grew?

If one uses TweetDeck as I do, one is able to translate most foreign tweets.
I, Isabel (@TypeRtist), am a Spanish speaker, but speak/write mostly in English. I understand (somewhat) Portuguese, and with the help of TweetDeck translate (or Google) will occasionally say hello in French, Dutch, Italian, etc..
Twitter is international, so it’s obvious there are going to be thousands of foreign tweets. A lot of people I correspond with directly in their own tongue also tweet in English.

So isn’t being friendly a part of Social Media? How is one “Social” without “friendliness?”

© 7/18/2011 by Isabel C. Alvarez

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