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Every now and then we want to challenge designers on their knowledge of design and it’s history. A couple weeks ago, on Twitter, we offered a $25 American Express gift card if someone answered the question, “Graphic design stems from which movement and which designer?” It took some time for someone to be brave enough to take on the challenge, but Isabel Alvarez took a shot and won the prize! Congratulations Isabel!

We’d like to keep this up and want to do a challenge every couple of weeks, so make sure you stay tuned to our Tweets on Twitter at http://twitter.com/perfectdesigns.

We were able to ask Isabel a few questions and would like to share a little bit about her:

  • How did you find the answer to our trivia question?
  • At first w/out the hint, I was going through my graphic design books. After the hint was given…’Kelmscott Press’ I searched online. It linked me to the name ‘William Morris’, but not the movement. I was talking it over w/ a friend, and she mentioned ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ and art deco. Then I read it in ‘Wikipedia’, and found it (name and movement).

  • How long did it take you to find the answer?
  • I think it was approximately 30 mins (since I wasn’t timing myself, I don’t really know). At one point I stopped, and responded to someone’s tweet.

  • Are you interested in having more contests like this?
  • Sure. I find them challenging. I always wanted to take ‘The History of Graphic Design’ class. I went for the Certificate Program of Visual Comm -Graphic Design/Animation. If I would have continued for the Associates, I would have had a chance to take that class. Some day I will purchase the book.

  • What other prizes, besides an AMEX card would interest you?
  • Any prize will be fine. I loved the challenge, and the fact that I had to search for the information. This interest me; therefore, I participated.

  • How did you get involved in graphic design?
  • I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist/Hairstylist/Nail Tech (some color as well)…my first career. When I left the salon job M-F to work in CS in ‘96, and missed the work that I did. I then went back to school in ‘99, and completed the Certificate Program in Visual Comm.-Graphic Design/Animation. I’ve always had ‘art’ in my life. I’m a creative person.

  • How long have you been designing?
  • I think question #5 will answer this one as well; somewhat. I’ve always been doing some type of designing, but graphic design…I still consider myself a beginner. I graduated Gibbs College in 2001, and just to sustain myself I’ve held on to any job.

  • Besides design, what else are you interested in?
  • The beauty industry, color, fashion, crafts, photography, and typography (love type!!). I think my love for Type! goes back when I was younger. My favorite class was penmanship, and I always got compliments on my writing (print or cursive). I also love Calligraphy. Hence, my e-mail username TypeRtist (short for Type Artist).

  • How do you believe design has changed the world?
  • Wow… with everything such as color, type, and movement. Now you see more computer animated advertisements, or commercials…meaning graphic designers could capture just about anything from ones imagination.

  • Are there any tools that, as a graphic designer, you need but can’t find anywhere?
  • ??There’s a lot that are available, but not affordable.

  • Is there an online service that you could benefit from if it was available? What is it?
  • Well, I’ve taken advantage of some tutorials online. I would like to see more in Photoshop, photo-editing, & animating type (I haven’t search for it, not sure if there are tutorials).

  • Who are some (or one) of your favorite designers and why?
    • Franchesco! (A FB friend; met online) He’s an amazing comic artist. Because one can tell he truly loves his craft (work); he’s passionate about his work, and he is also a great person. He will be in the NYC Comic-Con Event on Oct. 16-18 http://www.wizardworld.com/franchesco.html
    • Geoff Notkin -Art Director (owner of his own business); he’s the one that critiqued my portfolio at Gibbs (got a great critique from him). I don’t know, but because of that, his website; he inspires me. Art/Animation Companies -Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, and Dreamworks.

    *If you meant famous…wow, there are many.

    • Preston Blair-Cartoon Animator -In his time he got to animate, direct, produce, and designed a host of popular short films. That’s awesome!!
    • Christopher Perfect MA (RCA)- his practice is in typography & graphic design, owns company in London, and author of ‘The Complete Typographer’ w/ Jeremy Austen.  Famous people or not, inspire me if they have gone to the limit. Especially in the designing field.
    • Scott Kelby-Editor-in-Chief of the Photoshop User Mag.

    In the beauty industry:

    • Rhonda Hicks, owns a salon in Houston, TX; she does fabulous work, Leland Hirsch-CEO & Co-founder of the Artec Systems. He hosted the Color USA Show for beauty profs..

    Thank you again, Isabel, for participating! We hope all of you will join us on Twitter to see if Isabel can hold the champion title: http://twitter.com/perfectdesigns.

    All the best!

    ThePerfectDesign.com Team

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