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“You can be friends from hundreds, even thousands of miles away.” -© @tommytrc 2009

“….amazing that someone so far away, can influence. This is the power of twitter. 100%.” – © @tommytrc 2009

I noticed one of Tommy’s 2009 Tommylog videos  about someone who had passed away.

“A friend from twitter, Megan Porter, aka @megapixel was killed in a car crash near her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, she was just 24 years old.” -TRC

As per Tommy’s video, Megan was killed in a car crash. This was in June, 2009. This must have been her second really bad car accident (obviously) because she has a Twitpic photo of a car, probably hers, that’s fully wrecked  (January 8, 2009). Wow!

Her Twitpic images:  http://twitpic.com/photos/megapixel


I didn’t know her nor was I following her. This was three-years ago. It’s a real  shame, she was so beautiful. Car accidents are horrible, I’ve had several and my last put me permanently out of commission. The news article, and report states that she was speeding but that was not the case. Per her dad’s correction there were lime deposits on the road from the nearby lime plant. Therefore, Megan hit a bad patch and lost control.

Article of her accident:  http://www.kwtx.com/localnews/headlines/48860797.html

Obituary Notice:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dfw/obituary.aspx?n=megan-elizabeth-porter&pid=128871645&fhid=2985

You could tell she loved photography. Here’s my favorite photo. If you look closely, it’s signed (her initials are on the lower left-hand corner).

Wow, this just made me think. What happens to ones account on social media network sites when one passes? It just stays there. Sure friends, acquaintances, fans, followers, and frenemies will miss you perhaps, BUT for how long? Until one is just a vague memory, fading away.

It’s true what my friend Tommy says, it’s all about ‘relationships’. This girl must have been an amazing tweeter, and twitter  friend as she got comments on her twitpic photos. She was as young as my niece. One can tell she was well loved. She had conversations with Tommy along with his fashionista friends, and shoe lover peeps.

It’s an interesting thought that whatever we post on Twitter or elsewhere online, could very well be our last documented words.

Now I have to think of what I post, as it could very well be my last.


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