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Why. . .Just Is!

I sometimes get asked (or not) why I usually sign off on correspondence with friends, with “Just Is,” so I figured it’s time to explain how and why that signature came about…

Just Is!

Yep. My name is… Is. Just Is™, that is.

This all came about when I was attending school at GibbsCollege. In the evenings while studying and reviewing myassignments, I would often e-mail my friend, Cathy.

As usual, when writing a letter, a note, or an e-mailing one ends their letter/note with a closing such as sincerely, fondly, or by saying love, _?_.
I would always close simply as…
Love, Is… The “Is” of course, was short for Isabel.
Cathy said it sounded like the “two little naked kids.” I asked for clarification on what two little naked kids (I had forgotten). She elaborated that they were the cartoon naked kids that were printed in the comic section of the Newspaper. The comics would often read, for example: “Love is…” , followed by different phrases, such as “sharing your ice-cream.” After that, I felt like the closing “Love Is,” just begged for added phrase, so I then took to writing ‘Love, “Just Is™” ‘ when closing a letter, note, or e-mail.

And that’s how it all started.

©2009 Isabel Cristina Alvarez

aka Just Is™


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